Wait – when do I turn around the car seat?

Many of you probably already got this memo since it’s over a year old now – but in case you didn’t:

1) Rear-facing car-seats decrease the risk of death or severe injury in kids under age 2 by 75%.

Pretty impressive.  So the new guideline states that kids should be rear-facing as long as possible – either AGE TWO or when they exceed the max height of their car seat.

2) Car seats decrease risk of fatal injury by 70-80% and booster seats decrease the risk of non-fatal injury by 45%.  Kids should be in booster seats until they are 4 feet 9 inches and 8-12 years old.  Otherwise, the seat belt will not sit in the right position on the child’s hips and shoulders.  They should also be in the back seat until age 13.

I know, your short 12 year old may not feel particularly cool sitting in a booster seat in the back.   Just tell them: “SingingDrJosh says ‘safety first!'”  Maybe that will work with your kids – unfortunately it doesn’t work with mine.

Here are the highlights from HealthyChildren.org.

AAP Updates Recommendations on Car Seats

Here’s the AAP policy statement:

Policy Statement−−Child Passenger Safety

(In case you’re wondering why I’m posting in the middle of the night – I’m “enjoying” a miserable Eagles loss on Monday Night Football – ugh.)

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