I have a lot of opinions.  I started this blog when I realized that not enough people were listening to my sage advice (tongue planted firmly in cheek).   While I have strong opinions, I feel like conversations about difficult issues don’t work very well on the internet (look at the blog comments on any news website).  Everyone seems to be yelling all the time.   So, on here, I try to be diplomatic and even-handed.  I understand that great parents and doctors can have opposite interpretations of the same data.  So, for now, I stay away from things that are too polarizing (I learned my lesson after my Vaccine post) because I don’t want the 1% of issues that are controversial to obscure the 99% of topics where I can offer helpful advice.   However, if you have questions about the 1%, I am happy to share my opinions – just ask!
Anyway, I’ve also learned from reading other physician blogs that I should have a disclaimer so that you won’t take my advice, do something crazy and then blame me.  I looked around and discovered ZDoggMD’s “dizclaimer” – yes, I agree with all of that.  That is the longest disclaimer I’ve seen, but it should guarantee that he never gets sued, right?  I don’t want to get sued either, so read his disclaimer and apply it to me, please.

The point is, everything on this site is my opinion.  Even though I give you lots of evidence-based data, even that is my opinion, because I chose which data to give you.  I do my very best to tell you the truth as well as I possibly can, but as you know, in some cases, the truth isn’t clear, no matter how hard we try.  On top of that, every child, every parent and every doctor are unique and come to these conversations with different baggage.  So, please take my thoughts as a few (hopefully thoughtful) opinions to add to the barrage of ideas that you encounter every day. Think about my posts and make your own decisions.  Don’t let my advice substitute for an encounter with a medical provider that knows you and your child in all of your uniqueness.  These ideas are mine, and mine alone – and should not be construed as specific medical advice for your child’s specific needs.  They are for information only!  Thanks for reading my blog, and I can’t believe you actually read to the end of this disclaimer.

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