Lyrics for Constipation Consultation

before you call the ambulance
please give me a chance
to tell you what to do
for your baby’s number two

constipation simply means
poop like rocks or little beans
if it’s not hard like a brick
it’s not constipation

if he strains, don’t you pout,
he’s just learning to get it out
it’s hard to poop while lying down!
it’s not constipation

some kids poop with every feed
others go just once a week
be happy that the diaper’s clean
it’s still not constipation

“doc,” you say, “that’s well and good”
but Sally’s stools are blocks of wood
what can I to smooth things out
with constipation?

a few ounces of pure fruit juice
may be the thing to get it loose
miralax or lactulose
can cause a blowout

infants can try fruit puree
toddlers, fiber every day
but keep the milk to a cup a meal
and eat your veggies

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