Lyrics for When the Seasons Change

Remember me, remember me
When the seasons change, when the seasons change

Patiently upon a rock
Sitting was a Country Frog
Waiting to find a friend, in spring

“City Dog, you’ll do” he said
Frog taught him to croak and splash
Then they played doggy games in the summer


“What shall we play,” asked Dog in fall
“But I’m tired” answered Frog
Perhaps today we can play “remembering”

They remembered jumping in spring
Summer sniffing and fetching
They sat together, and that was fall

Winter came,
City Dog waited on Frog’s rock
Country Frog was not there.


City Dog sadly waits
On a rock upon Frog’s lake
Country Chipmunk asks him what he’s doing 

“Waiting here for a friend,”
Then slowly smiles a froggy grin
“But you’ll do” and it was spring again.


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