The Story of Ferdinand

Ferdinand the Bull

This song is based on the book, “The Story of Ferdinand,” and is completely a capella.  For the uninitiated – that means that the song is done without any instruments.  All of the parts were performed vocally (with a dash of computer processing) – which turned out to be a bit more challenging than I had anticipated.  I hope you like it!

Once upon a time in Spain. . .As for the song itself, I selected this book at the urging of my friend Elliott, The Uncommon Veterinarian (my mother-in-law, Robin, concurred since it was my brother-in-law Sam’s favorite book as a kid, too).  The element that resonated for me was Ferdinand’s confidence in taking the road less traveled.  Ferdinand was only happy when he chose his beautiful field over the glory of the bull-fighting ring – even though he was alone.

Every day, I meet children that would love to be as comfortable in their skins as Ferdinand.  Whether having difficulty with academics, anxiety, guilt, sadness, relationships, body image, or chronic illness, all of them are trying to find the peaceful place that Ferdinand found – even if that place is unexpected or contrary to popular trends. Thus, this song is for the child (or adult!) who is still charting their course; I hope that you too will find your place under the cork tree!


If you’d like to read the lyrics to the song, they are here.

Clefs 2001The book is by Munro Leaf, illustrated by Robert Lawson, and published way back in 1936!  All of the images are directly from the book.

As many of you know, I spent three years of college singing a capella with the University of North Carolina Clef Hangers.  My director/roommate, Kevin (who, unlike me, is now actually a legitimate musician), asked me several times to arrange a song for the group.  I finally responded with a mediocre version of an Enrique Iglesias song and he never asked me to do it again.  Anyway, Kevin, here’s another try; my apologies for taking so long to get around to this!

The background is a vineyard in Tuscany between Siena and Florence.  You can just make out the towers of San Gimignano in the distance.

Thanks, Elliott, for letting me borrow the “The Story of Ferdinand.”  They don’t have it in the library, and I ordered it 3 weeks ago from Amazon, but haven’t seen it yet. . .
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