When the Seasons Change

A music video based on the book, “City Dog, Country Frog,” by Mo Willems and Jon J Muth

If you liked the video – click here for a free mp3 of the song!

After two years of writing soulful rock songs espousing the virtues of Tylenol and Vitamin D, I decided that it was time to make a change, at least from a musical standpoint.  Partially, it was because I discovered that medical songs aren’t very fun to perform live, but mostly it was just because I wanted to do something new.  Thus, I’ve started a new project: making music videos based on children’s literature.  I thought these songs might be valuable both to children, who might be able to explore a favorite book in a new way, and to adults, whom I might introduce to a story they might otherwise have missed.

City Dog Country Frog CoverThe first book I chose was, “City Dog, Country Frog,” by Mo Willems and Jon J Muth.  While I am known around the extended family for my lack of sentimentality, this book gave even me a lump in the throat.  It is a beautiful story about friendship, loss, and the memories of friends that we take with us.  The story is particularly poignant to my family as we prepare to move back to the United States from Italy after three years this summer – for our three (nearly four) children, three years is most of their lives.

The song is for all of you who may struggle with changing seasons in your life, whether an upcoming move, loss of a loved one, separation from a family member or just the stresses of a new family member (for us, any day now!).

I don’t have anything profound to say in this essay.  Rather, I wanted to share the background for this song.  Please buy or check out “City Dog, Country Frog,” and enjoy its rich, simple narrative.  Also, please share below what you think – and how you have experienced “winter” – and hopefully, “spring again,” in your family!   And finally, please share this video with anyone who would enjoy it!

Some notes: For those who are interested, here are the lyrics.  Special thanks to Dario Arico for dedicating your piano talents to this project!  It’s such a pleasure to work with you.  Illustrations are taken directly from the book.  The photos are all mine except for the following fair use photos:

Girl with military father, taken by TSGT Cecilio Ricardo.
Autumn leaves, thanks to our friend Bethany Wojtowicz!
Moving boxes, taken by justinnash.
Mourning the passing of a pet, taken by wwootten1.
Folding flags, U.S. Marine Corps photo taken by CPL Jad Sleiman.

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