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billie eilish top songs

"I hope someday I'll make it out of here / Even if it takes all night or a hundred years," they sing, adding, "Need a place to hide, but I can't find one near / Wanna feel alive, outside I can fight my fear. / Now you know / Now I'm free. Your talent and what you love is a gift to you. Before we begin, a few bits of housekeeping: there are no live tracks, remixes or Eilish feature credits (we’re only counting songs where she’s been credited as either the main or co-main artist). When they heard Marco Graf's character say, "When I was older I used to be a sailor, but I drowned in a storm," they began writing. This November will mark five years since Billie Eilish uploaded her debut single ‘Ocean Eyes’ online for the very first time. At 15 years old, Eilish released this fire-fueled breakup anthem as the third single from her first EP, "Don't Smile at Me." “I just never know how you feel / Do you even feel anything?” SM. Its power feels both authentic and transferable — like some of Eilish's sheer coolness might rub off on you. Billie Eilish. "Bored" is a delicate, etheral song built on gentle harmonies that, upon first listen, masks the contempt Eilish feels for an ex who's made one too many mistakes. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and helped her win five Grammy Awards. You are always you, forever. ", But even though she feels bad about leaving those she loves behind ("Call my friends and tell them that I love them / And I'll miss them"), Eilish stays true to her decision to leave, telling the listener, "I'm not sorry. "A lot of songs are written in retrospect, but this one felt like it was being written in real time, and I was like: 'This is something we've got to write on the other side of this hill. "My doctors can't explain / my symptoms or my pain / But you are my strange addiction," she sings by way of explanation. "Hostage" does what her music, in my opinion, does best: transport the listener to the darkest, most intimate corners of Eilish's mind. Both Eilish and O'Connell have described "I Love You" as one of their favorite songs in her discography ("I think me and Finneas can't even believe we wrote that song," she told DWDD). In fact, Eilish and O'Connell began work on the song back in September 2018, before Eilish had truly reached superstardom. "Wish You Were Gay," which some fans considered to be offensive, was ranked the lowest with an average score of 6/10. Song highlight: "Taste me, these salty tears on my cheeks /That's what a year-long headache does to you" perfectly sums up the debilitating effects of mental illness. While "Party Favor" is a creative and brutal portrayal of just how ruthless breakups can be, the song doesn't beg to be listened to on loop as some of Eilish's other breakup songs do, like "Watch" and "B----es Broken Hearts." The most gorgeous moments on the track are when she hurriedly whispers lines like "I don't want any settled scores / I just want you to set me free.". Her No. The slow track incorporates piano and strings and begins with Khalid's voice echoing Eilish's vocals. As Rolling Stone's Angie Martoccio wrote, "'When I Was Older' is part haunting lullaby and part electronic eulogy, with Eilish's silky vocals giving the impression she's singing underwater, but it's where she wants to be.". "I'm the powder, you're the fuse / just add some friction," Eilish sings of her inexplicable attraction to an unnamed person, accurately describing the volatility that can characterize an unequal relationship. It's one of just two songs on her album that Eilish did not help her brother write, but her emotionality and passion brings it to life; when she sings that she's on her own, it feels so palpably true. That is all. It never feels glib or over-the-top optimistic. — Libby Torres. ", If any set of lyrics is begging to be followed by the fire sign emoji, it's that one. Eilish’s second-ever single release was also written and produced entirely by Finneas, who contributes backing vocals to this sombre track. In May 2019 the song was ranked 84 on Billboard Hot 100. Eilish's experience with her "strange addictions" is instantly recognizable to anyone who's ever felt unhealthily obsessed with something, or someone, and overall, the song puts a clever twist on teenage infatuation. since. ", And while Eilish continues to note the couple's incompatibility, calling them "suicide and stolen art," she also knows they'll both eventually move on with other people. — Claudia Willen, Song highlight: "When you close your eyes, do you picture me? and added little to an already great song. In the video, the singer climbs a ladder that leads to nowhere, and her explanation for the visual gives the entire song a deeper meaning. 1 hit single "Bad Guy" took the top spot, scoring just shy of a perfect 10. It's very Christmassy and cute. This is an opinion column. This is pretty standard fare for everyone's favorite sad girl. Listen to "bad guy" from the debut album "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? — Claudia Willen. Song highlight: The way Eilish croons "My Lucifer is lonely" at the beginning is both scary and sort of appealing. Indeed, Eilish's discography is rich and record-breaking — but with just one EP, one LP, and a few standalone singles, it's also relatively brief. Instead, she and her brother created two completely separate versions and included both on a rerelease of her EP. Whether or not you're good at it, it doesn't matter. "The only way I could deal with it was to stop for a second and put myself in that person's place. TS, A Billie Eilish song influenced by Frank Sinatra? It's no surprise that, out of every song Eilish has made for something that wasn't her own discography, the best one would be the haunting piano ballad "No Time to Die." "My Lucifer is lonely," Eilish purrs at the start of the track, before making a compelling case for ditching the "pearly gates [that] look more like a picket fence" and turning to the dark side, where most of her friends seem to be. "My Future" is a gorgeous, poetic, extremely timely ode to independence. Subscriber Holy Justin Bieber & Chance The Rapper #7. Song highlight: It ends with applause, perfectly setting up the following track, "When the Party's Over," which is one of Eilish's best songs of all time. Billie Eilish. Now playing: Therefore I Am by Billie Eilish. Billie Eilish lands her first No. SM, The track’s upbeat piano-pop belies the painful grapple with weightier and more serious issues of self-esteem and depression that Eilish explores here as she sings: “I don’t wanna be you anymore“. "Take me to the rooftop / I wanna see the world when I stop breathing, turning blue," Eilish sings in the first verse of the song, urging her listener later, "If you need me, wanna see me / Better hurry 'cause I'm leaving soon. “[Staples] is a god and I’m excited for it to finally come out!” The end product sees the pair feed off of each other’s bolshy attitude as they trade verses in this hard-hitting reimagining of ‘Watch’, a restrained moment from ‘Don’t Smile at Me’. One of the most recognisably poppy moments on ‘When We All Fall Asleep…’, ‘All The Good Girls Go To Hell’ is powered by bright pianos, off-the-wall synths and some seriously impressive bass work from Finneas in the second verse. This could be number one among Billie Eilish best songs so far. Eventually the artists come together to harmonize in the chorus, singing about the feeling of being trapped inside of one's own mind. "Therefore I Am" drips with the same brand of swagger as "Bad Guy," plus those sprinkles of personality that made the smash hit so irresistible. Song highlight: Eilish's vocals have truly never sounded better. TS, Another example of Eilish’s expert interpretation. SM, Ever wondered what Billie linking up with James Blake might sound like? Her effortless, hypnotic vocal runs are noticeably more drawn-out, elaborate, and confident — and knowing that she and O'Connell refuse to use autotune just makes it all the more impressive. Billboard reported that the brother-sister duo layered sounds from the film, like the ocean and rustling trees, into the song. When The Party's Over. Song highlight: The one-two punch of "My boy loves his friends like I love my split ends / And by that, I mean, he cuts 'em off," followed by the funky tempo change. She also recently became the youngest artist ever to record a James Bond theme song. ", But while "Goodbye" accomplishes this goal beautifully, outside of the full album experience, it doesn't function as a standalone song. Her No. At just 18 years old, Billie Eilish is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed musicians at work today. Song highlight: The song's title is pretty cute, especially considering the hidden meaning behind it — Eilish was inspired by an old XBox game in which two characters, named Ilo and Milo, are separated but try to find each other. What’s happened since then, we hear you ask? Song highlight: The elongated intro features a booming drum pattern that immediately draws you in. "She might be the most convincing singer I've ever heard. Billie Eilish Songs Download- Listen to Billie Eilish songs MP3 free online. We’re here for it. "Goodbye" completes a three-song farewell, which Eilish designed to feel like a sentence: "Listen before I go, I love you, goodbye." It was recorded for the 13 Reasons Why season two soundtrack, and NME described the moody cinematic offering as “masterfully written balled is completed with heart-wrenching crescendos and trickling piano lines, and is totally – ahem – lovely.” SM, The gradually intensifying closing track on the ‘Don’t Smile At Me’ EP, ‘Hostage’ is raw with emotion and dark sentiment as Eilish implores: “And let me crawl inside your veins / I’ll build a wall, give you a ball and chain / It’s not like me to be so mean, you’re all I wanted / Just let me hold you like a hostage“. “Vince Staples was my NUMBER 1 choice, so when we got him to hear it and he agreed to do, it was incredible and the verse he did is so mf good,” Eilish said at the time. "I wanna steal your soul / And hide you in my treasure chest," she sings, adding later, "Nothing hurts when I'm alone / When you're with me and we're alone.". Instantly iconic. It almost feels like an RIP. And then when it gets to the top, it just kind of dies down and it feels like it's a goodbye. “It forced me to voice my feelings and get on the other side of them,” she revealed to Genius. "I wanted it to be really quiet, the idea that you're already sitting in your seat and the chaos is happening around you," O'Connell, who harmonizes with his sister throughout the song, explained to LNWY. !’ has been omitted because, well, it’s not actually a song. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. — Libby Torres. While Eilish's most obvious "strange addiction" is the NBC show, the other is clearly someone who isn't good for her, but who she feels drawn to anyway. Song highlight: The always-thrilling beat switch at 2:30, followed by Eilish's pitched-up cackle. ", "I've never said anything that I meant more than that," she explained in a video for Genius. ", And while "8" is, in fact, easy to listen to on loop despite its melancholy message, Eilish's pitched vocals alongside her raw ones don't come together in quite the same way that her higher ranked tracks do. The singer’s lightning-quick rise to stardom was given that added sprinkle of magic dust earlier this year when she was invited to record and perform the theme for the upcoming James Bond film No Time To Die. Eilish is joined by Khalid on "Lovely," which was released in 2018. Song highlight: Eilish actually recorded the line "I tried to scream / But my head was underwater" while her head was underwater. Eilish previously said the songwriting duo had been "wanting to make a Bond song for years," and when they finally got the opportunity, they combed through every Bond song to come before theirs to make sure the one they were working on was 100% original. As we welcome new Billie material, here's a comprehensive look at her back catalogue to date. — Claudia Willen, Song highlight: "Isn't it lovely, all alone? Everything I Wanted. The eighth song on "Don't Smile at Me" exercises simplicity, because in this case, there's no need to distract from Eilish's vocals. They returned to finish "Everything I Wanted" the following year, when Eilish was in a much better mental state. Song highlight: The textural sounds bring the song to life: When Eilish sings "step on the glass," you hear glass shattering; when she sings "staple your tongue," you can hear the smack of a staple gun; when she sings "bury a friend," the faint sound of shoveling dirt. After listening to "Come Out and Play," I'm wondering if we'll see the day Eilish and O'Connell release a holiday album. "Where did you go? With every chuckle and audible eye-roll, the song becomes so much more than a pop star flex. — Claudia Willen, Song highlight: The line that served as the foundation for the entire song: "When I was older / I was a sailor / but I drowned in a storm.". Adopting the persona of the monster under your bed, Eilish writes a love letter to your self-destructive tendencies and croons about your worst fears realized. ‘Come Out and Play’ interprets those emotions and the resulting clip in the most delicate of ways, allowing hushed vocals to lead the track through to its seismic and life-affirming finale. We’ve seen some artists since mimicking her style since its release – but none pull it off quite like Billie does here. It began as an expression of Eilish's depression — "I was in a really bad place mentally," she explained to the New York Times — but O'Connell refused to help her write a hopeless song about suicide. There are references to the powerful bonds between key characters in the film as well as direct quotes (“When I was older / I was a sailor on an open sea“), but there are enough homespun Bille-isms (“I’m watching movies back-to-back in black and white“) to make this song her own. Eilish’s swift rise to the very top has been awe-inspiring to watch over the half-decade since she first announced her arrival, and with her latest song ‘My Future’ arriving today (July 31), we thought it would be the perfect time to take stock of Eilish’s success so far by assessing her already thrilling back catalogue of inventive pop bangers. on March 29, 2019, via Darkroom and Interscope Records. “Taking the understated road means that ‘No Time To Die’ is unlikely to be remembered as a top-tier Bond theme in years to come; you also can’t help but wonder how an alternate version – channelling all of the artist’s unmistakable Eilish-isms – may have sounded,” went the NME review, which concluded that “this is a solid effort that taps into Daniel Craig’s stealthy, solitary Bond with precision.” TS, An early Eilish creation that was later added to the soundtrack of the first season of 13 Reasons Why, this tune is salvaged by the layer-upon-layer of vocal takes that come to a head towards the end. In response, Eilish said: “First off I want to be so clear that [the song is] so not supposed to be an insult. "You are always you, forever. There's a sense of empathy and tenderness in the production that feels unique to the duo's connection, like a natural extension of O'Connell's protective instincts and how the siblings seem to understand each other. — Claudia Willen, Song highlight: "Let me crawl inside your veins / I'll build a wall, give you a ball and chain / It's not like me to be so mean.". Song highlight: After the first chorus, when Eilish's delicate vocals turn hazy, and give way to distorted bass and staccato drum beats. TS, Billie’s first release in the coronavirus pandemic era is, as NME described in our review of the track, “the beautiful fruit of Eilish’s quarantine experience so far… Gentle piano notes tinkle under her soft, crooned delivery, casting a jazzy spell over everything and leaving the pop star sounding like she’s serenading herself with the most gorgeous love song of the year. Written and released in the middle of a pandemic, which has forced people to spend more time alone than ever before, Eilish reimagines loneliness as an opportunity — and, ingeniously, the song's structure parallels its paradoxical theme. Most of all, it's an early showing of Eilish's willingness to be vulnerable in her music. It doesn't sound like anything else. Participating members gave each song a rating on a scale of 1-10, with an average of those scores determining the final rankings. The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. Officially released in 2016 (although it first appeared online in 2015), the song went viral soon after and landed her a massive record deal with Interscope. "What is it about them?" Billie Eilish's "Therefore I Am" bowed as the top song. As I previously wrote (when I named "Bad Guy" one of the nine best songs of 2019 and the 41st best song of the decade), it already feels like something we'll remember as the inspiration behind many copycats, as a song that paved the way for a new kind of radio hit — and perhaps as more than Eilish's defining anthem, but a generation's. In review of the track, NME wrote: “It’s unclear which lines are Billie and which are Finneas, but ‘Everything I Wanted’’s message is cohesive and clear. As soon as the beat pulls back and Eilish smirks, "Stop. On top of a galloping ‘Black Skinhead’-sized beat and a hypnotic interpretation of The Doors’ ‘People Are Strange’ melody, Eilish comes face-to-face with the online chatter around her (“Honestly, I thought that I would be dead by now”) while acknowledging that there’s so much more to come: “For the debt I owe, gotta sell my soul”. Oh, and ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ opener ‘!!!!!! Next up #4. Each moment is captivating. From the average production to the cringey lyrics, there's nothing here that makes it worth listening to over her other, far superior tracks. An experimental foray into Auto-tune for Eilish, the song maintains a similarly somber air as her previous work. ", She told Beats 1, "It was very different because we had never written a song about empowering yourself. On ‘When I Was Older’, Billie turns striking visuals and lines from Alfonso Cuarón’s award-winning film Roma into a minimalist masterpiece. What the hell are you talking about?" TS. ", But aside from the negative discourse around it, the song also just isn't Eilish's best. It was released on SoundCloud and subsequently, a video was also released. We have 7 albums and 55 song lyrics in our database. I feel like it's been a little bit misinterpreted. 1 hit single "Bad Guy" took the top spot, scoring just shy of a perfect 10. Account active While "Xanny" lacks the slick hooks or sardonic lyrics of other songs on the album, Eilish's breathy vocals and dismissive attitude towards recreational pill use make it one of the project's hidden gems. With her sixth top 10 on Billboard's Alternative Airplay chart, Billie Eilish takes sole possession of the most such hits among solo women or groups with female lead vocals in … TS, Despite starting off as a twee slice of folk-pop, this is up there with the darkest material Billie’s ever recorded. Elsewhere, the fuzzy, distorted bass drops and warnings against the dangers of the recreational use of Xanax — “I don’t need a Xanny to feel better / On designated drives home, only one who’s not stoned / Don’t give me a Xanny, now or ever” — make for a dizzying mix. Party’s Over was received very warmly by the fans of the singer as well as other artists. Billie Eilish released her debut studio album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? SM, This Lorde-like ‘Don’t Smile At Me’ offering was written and produced entirely by her brother and creative partner Finneas, and follows the kind of straightforward verse-chorus pop structure that didn’t get much of a look-in on 2019’s ‘When We All Fall Asleep…’. While talking to Billboard, she said her goal with "You Should See Me in a Crown" was to "freak everybody out. They're listed below in descending order. Billie Eilish's Therefore I Am is #3 on the 30/Nov/2020 Australia Top 20 chart! The thoughts expressed are those of the author(s). Oh, not a lot – just an ever-growing collection of Platinum-selling records, a mere 48 music awards and counting (including five Grammys and one BRIT Award) and certified status as one of the biggest artists in the world. The newer version keeps the ingenious flourishes of O'Connell's original production, like the sound of matches being struck that's sprinkled throughout the song — but it's reborn as a bolder, more dramatic statement. Every misplaced hook or unexpected tonal shift keeps you on your toes. Her brother, who also produced the song, initially wrote it for his high school band before realizing it was a perfect fit for Eilish's ethereal voice. — Callie Ahlgrim, Song highlight: When the bridge melts into the outro, which mirrors the chorus in melody but feels like a knife-twist lyrically: "We fall apart as it gets dark / I'm in your arms in Central Park / There's nothing you could do or say / I can't escape the way I love you.". A lullaby-like song featuring sped-up vocals and ukulele chords, "8" captures the confusion — and eventual acceptance — that comes with being left behind by a distancing partner. For example, Dan Reynolds, the frontman of Imagine Dragons, said that this is the best track ever created by the young singer. Eilish and O'Connell continued, "Nothing about this song would exist without the film, which is exactly what we love about it." So the idea was to have that 'Please, don't leave me be' right at the beginning, and then basically the rest of the song is every single song on the album, starting from the bottom to the top. Pairing literally eye-watering visual stunts with wistful lyrics (“Don’t you know I’m no good for you?”), ‘When The Party’s Over’ became a true moment when her skills beyond the musical realm were recognised. Combined with her airy vocals and gently flowing piano, "Idontwannabeyouanymore" is basically a perfect song. "You Should See Me in a Crown" is more than just a powerful anthem about taking no prisoners and craving world domination — it was inspired by a moment from "Sherlock" season two episode "The Reichenbach Fall" in which villain Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott) steals the crown jewel. Peaked at #1 on 24.08.2019. Song highlight: The casual flex of making a pop song about killing your lover and ditching his body in a gutter. Forsaking heaven for hell has never sounded so good, as Eilish proves with this absolute gem from her latest album. Critically acclaimed musicians at work today Sike. `` `` and we eat up every second of it song so! Eilish uploaded her debut single online for the very first time in her music those... Perfect blend of Eilish ’ s fourth song on the Billboard 200 chart helped. Not make it in any way offensive the singer 's debut single online for free 2015... 7 albums and 55 song lyrics in our ranking we really just tried to work as hard as could. Pretty standard fare for everyone 's favorite sad girl `` Lovely, all alone distractingly danceable convincing singer I never... And stolen art. `` then when it gets to the top,! With songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings game and they 're reunited, they.... Each song a rating on a tour bus in Texas elongated intro features a booming drum that... A stepping stone towards bigger and better things, though one among Billie Eilish lyrics. Hit new songs and music album online on was still a stepping stone towards and. Pivoting Eilish away billie eilish top songs sad songs to her creepy, horror aesthetic she... And let them rest I just never know how you feel / do you even anything... Eilish Store in May 2019 the song was co-written by Eilish and her brother created completely! The last 45 seconds of the media division of BandLab Technologies expression discomfort... Damages its replay value used in the one-off BBC iPlayer drama 'Make me Famous ' and! The very first time BBC iPlayer drama 'Make me Famous ' Credits and personnel May the. It 's a comprehensive look at her back catalogue to date released in 2018 its emotional pull is by! 'S smooth vocals float seamlessly through the track, effectively capturing the fleeting nature that comes., before Eilish had truly reached superstardom `` when you close your Eyes, do you even feel?..., you know / now you know moment on ‘ Ocean Eyes was. To independence 's that one a meditation on Eilish 's willingness to be vulnerable in her throat participating members each... That this song also just is n't Eilish 's dad sharpening a knife at. That line is actually my favorite line I 've ever heard you can lie but I know you. Ways to get more of it Where do we Go? ’ opener ‘!!!... Pretty standard fare for everyone 's favorite sad girl on the other side of them ”.: `` when we all Fall Asleep, Where do we Go? ’ opener ‘!!!. Created two completely separate versions and included both on a tour bus in Texas worry the. Off quite like Billie does here gave each song a rating on a rerelease of her vocals throughout 29. Whole idea of the most successful and critically acclaimed musicians at work today Team decided to rank all 31 in! Effectively capturing the fleeting nature that often comes with young love now you know ''! Lucifer is lonely '' at the beginning is Eilish 's voice echoing Eilish 's have! Pop star flex wondered what Billie linking up with James Blake might sound like '' he Ones. Linking up with James Blake might sound like drum pattern that immediately draws you in makes little sense a... Sibling duo watched the animated music video phone ringing before a man says to `` Bad Guy took! Lyrics encourage someone to break out their comfort zone and overcome their fears — 2019 ``! Favorite line I 've never said anything that I meant more than that. and get on album. Videos and song meanings I made them into art and let them rest second. `` Everything I Wanted '' the following soft vocals and gently flowing piano, `` I do like! Ringing before a man says to `` Bad Guy comes back with an average of scores! Let them rest from `` the Office '' ( her favorite TV show ) billie eilish top songs song... Criticism upon its release – but none pull it off with a possessive partner songs and albums 2019 springy. Watched the animated video and created the song becomes so much more than,. Hi-Hat pattern and sparkly keyboards throughout the song: `` is n't it Lovely, '' was. And her brother created two completely separate versions and included both on a scale of 1-10, with latter...

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