Being Mickey’s Doctor

Being Mickey's DoctorI should warn you that this song isn’t so much for children as it is for adults (and mature kids) who like poignant ballads. It is based on a heart-wrenching but important story of a 12-year-old girl with leukemia. The story is titled, “Being Mickey’s Doctor,” and is from the book “Attending Children” by pediatrician and ethicist Margaret Mohrmann.

The story itself (as well as others in the book) is beautifully tragic as well being a wonderful contribution to medical ethics; I hope I did it some justice. I wrote this song as an assignment for a medical ethics class (the professor said I could do “anything” as a final project – and I took her at her word!).  The lyrics and my discussion of the song and the moral moves that it makes are here if you are interested.

Addendum:  The song is not intended to be a general commentary on all of medicine, rather a reflection on one particular story and the ways that perfectly good things (infection control, professionalism etc.) can create walls between caregivers and patients.

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